1.7.1. Remote Installation

Remote Installation is the function that you can install some components such as ‘Agent for Windows’ and ‘Agent for Linux’ from management server to multiple servers.
Remote Installation is executed from management console of management server.
There are some preconditions to remote-install as follows.
  • You have already installed management server and configuration is Centralized management style.
  • OS of server for backup is running and it can connect to management server.
  • If OS of server for backup is Linux server, management server can connect to it via ssh as root user.
It is possible to remote-install components of Windows and Linux for each server at the same time.
Explain about simple procedure of remote installation.
Below example is remote installation of three servers at the same time as explanation.
If server for installation is Linux server, you need to put Installation media of Linux in below folder of management server.
Installation media of Linux is unpacked tar file which is ‘AcronisBackupAdvancedLinux64_vv.v_en-US.tar’.
You can see ‘4.4 Agent for Linux‘ in this document.
Below files are after unpacked tar file.
  • AcronisBackupAdvancedAgentL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64
  • AcronisBackupAdvancedMConsoleL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64
  • AcronisBackupAdvancedMediaBuilderL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64
‘vv.v’ … version , ‘xxxxx’ … Build number
If you do not have these files, refer to ‘3. Download‘ in this document.
You need to put Installation media of Linux in below folder of management server.
%CommonProgramFiles%\Acronis\RemoteInstaller\<Build number of product>
If you remote-install Windows server only, you do not need this work.
1.Boot Management Console of Acronis in server for centralized management server.
2.Management console is displayed and select ‘Connect to a management server’.
3.You need to register license key to license server before remote installation. Select ‘Licenses’ at the left Navigation tree and select ‘Add licenses...’.
4.Enter your license key in textbox. You can see your license key in Issuance. After completed, select ‘OK’ button.
In multiple license keys, a license key need to be written in every other line.
i.e.) When you add two license keys, you need to write two lines.
5.Confirm that you can see additional license keys.
6.Select ‘Actions’-‘Add multiple machines’
7.Designate a server for installation. This time, it makes a serve add by ‘By IP/name...’ as example
8.Enter needed information such as ‘Name/IP’, ‘User name’ and ‘Password’.
Select ‘Test connection’ button to confirm the connection.
9.Confirm that you can see ‘Test connection has succeeded’ and select ‘OK’ button.
10.You have to repeat from #7 to #9 to all servers which you would like to add.
After addition of servers, select ‘Next>’ button.
You can also designate Windows and Linux at the same time.
11.Select the components which you need. Necessary components are same as ‘4.3 Agent for Windows‘ and ‘4.4 Agent for Linux‘ in this document. After check in, select ‘Next’ button.
Components for Windows
Components for Linux
In the case of including Linux, you see above message but you need nothing. Select ‘Next>’ button.
12. Check in radio button of ‘Use licenses from the following license server:’ and select ‘Next>’ button.
13.Select ‘Next>’ button.
In the case of Windows Server
In the case of Linux Server
14.Select ‘Next>’ button.
15.Check in radio button of ‘No, I do not want to participate in the CEP’ and select ‘Next>’ button.
16.Confirm your contents and select ‘Proceed>’ button. Remote installation is started.
17.When completed screen is displayed, select ‘Close’ button.
18.You can confirm that management server recognize your installed server from ‘All machines with agents’ of navigation tree.
Refer to Installation guide of Acronis if you would like to know more detail.