1.6.2. Restore using management server

We explain about ‘Restore using management server’.
Both Windows server and Linux server are same procedure.
However, this method has a limitation of use.
You can restore only that Management server can connect a server which you want to restore.
1.Login your management server and boot the Management console. Select a backup archive which you want to restore from Centralized Management Vaults and click ‘Recover’ at the middle of button.
Be reflected ‘What to recover’.
Environment mapping is performed automatically.
2.Confirm the contents and click ‘OK’ button. Then, restore is started.
3.Below screen is displayed and click ‘Show details’ button.
4.Select ‘Reboot’. Then, a server for restore is started restore after reboot.
You cannot check the process of restore from management server.
5.After restore, a server for restore reboot automatically.
Finally, you have to confirm your environment of server whether the server recovered or not correctly.
When you connect a server for restore using ECL console, you can see the process of restore same as CD boot.