1.6.1. Restore using Bootable media

We explain about ‘Restore using Bootable media’.
Both Windows server and Linux server are same procedure.
Before you restore, you need to confirm whether you match below contents or not.
If you have changed IP address of a server after you backuped, you need to return IP address back to original IP address when you executed backup from customer portal.
1.Connect a server for restore using ECL console.
2.Click the icon of CD mount at the upper left.
3.Select ‘Allow’ button when below screen is displayed.
4.Below screen is displayed and select ‘Path:’ in the list. After this,enter the full path of Bootable media (ISO file) which you may have kept and click ‘Submit’ button. About Bootable media, you can refer to ‘4.5 Creation of Bootable media‘.
5.Click ‘Close’ button when below screen is displayed.
6.Restart the OS from ECL console. While rebooting, below screen is displayed. At the moment you can see, you have to push ‘Esc’ key as soon as possible.
7.Select ‘CD-ROM Drive’ and push Enter key after Boot Menu screen is displayed.
8.After boot, select either ‘Acronis Backup (32-bit)’ or ‘Acronis Backup (64-bit with UEFI support).
We selected ‘Acronis Backup (64-bit with UEFI support) as example.
9.Please wait for a while until Bootable media boot.
About 10-20 minutes.
10.Select ‘Manage this machine locally’.
If you need to set up network, select ‘Configure network’. Refer to the documents of Acronis when you configure.
We strongly recommend you take a note of vNIC information such as NIC number, IP address, MAC address and more in advance.
11.Select ‘Change volume representation’ in ‘Tools’ tab
12.Confirm your selected representation. If you need to change, you select correct server OS and click ‘OK’ button.
13.Select ‘Recover’.
14.Select ‘Select data...’.
15.Select ‘Browse...’.
16.Designate your backup destination and click ‘OK’ button.
If you selected Centralized management style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration, select ‘Storage nodes’ and enter your IP address of ‘Storage node’ at the bottom of textbox.
Then, select ‘->’. After that, you have to enter the information of ‘Storage node’ such as Username and Password and click ‘OK’ button.
Select Centralized Management Vaults which you want to restore from your Storage nodes and click ‘OK’ button.
17.Select a backup archive which you want to restore from ‘All archives’ and click ‘OK’ button.
18.Confirm that environment mapping is performed automatically and click ‘OK’ button. Then, restore is started.
Screen of restore is displayed.
19.Select ‘Close’ button after restore is done.
20.Back to screen of ‘Acronis Bootable Agent’ and click ‘Reboot’ button. Finally, you have to confirm your environment of server whether the server recovered or not correctly.
You can check and save the log of restore. Refer to the documents of Acronis when you want to know in detail.