1.5.1. Local

If you selected Local style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration, server for backup stores the data by itself.
You can backup as Local style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration as follows.
Both Windows server and Linux server are same procedure.
1.Boot Management Console of Acronis in server for backup.
2.Select ‘Manage this computer’ in Management Console screen.
3.Select ‘Backup plans and tasks’ on the left navigation tree. After this, select ‘Backup plans’ in ‘New’ tab.
4.Select Items to backup. Default server is itself.
When you open the list of ‘Data to back up’, you can select Item of backup either Disks/volumes or Files.
5.Select ‘Location...’ to designate backup destination.
In this case, we designate Network folder.
If you select Disks/volumes as Item of backup, you had better not designate system disk. You can backup but you cannot restore.
6.Select ‘Backup scheme. In this document, we selected Custom of backup scheme because it is most frequently used.
You can select other scheme such as simple or GFS(Grandfather-Father-Son) and more. If you want to use them, refer to the documents of Acronis.
GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) is not GFS of ECL.
7.When you select Custom of backup scheme, Link of schedule setting is displayed. You can set three type of Backup such as Full backup, Incremental backup and Differential backup.
8.We show screen of type of backup as example.
After set, click ‘OK’ button.
You can select any schedule in any type of backup. Refer to the documents of Acronis if you want to know in detail.
9.After schedule setting, click ‘OK’ button.
10.Confirm that your backup plan is created.
11.The backup is executed at designated date. You can see detail information after click ‘Details’ button.
When backup finished, pop-up screen is displayed and close.