1.4.4. Agent for Linux

You can install Agent for Linux as follows.
This procedure is GUI environment.
You have to be able to ssh as root user if you select Centralized Management style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration.
You have to unpack ‘AcronisBackupAdvancedLinux64_vv.v_en-US.tar’ then you can see three files as follows.
This procedure is only 64bit of installer.
  • AcronisBackupAdvancedAgentL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64
  • AcronisBackupAdvancedMConsoleL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64
  • AcronisBackupAdvancedMediaBuilderL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64
[vv.v]is regarding version, [xxxxx]is regarding build number
1.Run the package of ‘AcronisBackupAdvancedAgentL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64’ as follows.
./ AcronisBackupAdvancedAgentL64_vv.v_xxxxx_en-US.x86_64
2.Below screen is displayed and click ‘Next’ button.
3.Agree with ‘SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT’ of Acronis .If you agree with it, check in the checkbox and click ‘Accept’ button.
4.Check in radio button of ‘Enter the license key’ and click ‘Next’ button.
5.Enter your license key and click ‘Next’ button.
Enter your license key except ‘-(a hyphen)’.
6.When you select Local style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration, you have to check in the radio button of ‘I will register the component(s) later’. After this, click ‘Next’ button.
When you select Centralized management style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration, you have to check in the radio button of ‘Register now’.Then, enter the information of Management server in the textbox such as IP/name, Username and Password. After this, click ‘Next’ button.
You have to install Management server before you install Agent for Linux. Otherwise, Agent server cannot be registered because of unconnectable.
7.This is the end when below screen is displayed. Finally, click ‘Finish’ button.
8.Install Management console and Bootable Media after Agent for Linux.
Procedure of install is same method when you installed Agent for Linux.
However, package is different file.
You can install using below package.
[Management Console]
[Bootable Media]