1.4.2. Storage node

If you selected Local style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration, you have to go to ‘4.3 Agent for Windows‘ or ‘4.4 Agent for Linux‘.
If you select Centralized Management style of pattern of Acronis backup configuration, you need Storage node.
Storage node has to be installed needed components in a Windows server.
You can install Storage node as follows.
1.Boot installer of Acronis in a Windows server for Storage node. Then, select ‘Install Acronis Backup’ as below picture.
2.Agree with ‘SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT’ of Acronis .If you agree with it, check in the checkbox and click ‘Next’ button.
3.Check in the checkbox of ‘I want to manually select the Acronis components and customize the installation process’ at the bottom of this screen and click ‘Next’ button.
4.Select below components and click ‘Next’ button.
  • Storage Node
5.Confirm where to install the selected components and click ‘Next’ button.
6.Click ‘Next’ button.
7.Check in radio button of ‘Register now’ and enter the information of Management server in the textbox such as IP/name, Username and Password. After this, click ‘Next’ button.
You have to install Management server before you install Storage node.
Otherwise, Storage node cannot be registered because of unconnectable.
8.Click ‘Install’ button.
9. This is the end when below screen is displayed. Finally, click ‘Finish’ button.