1.1.3. Technical term of this document

When you use Acronis in ECL, we recommend you understand the technical term of below table. Then you can install and set up smoothly.
Classification:E=ECL, A=Acronis, I=others
Trem Explanation Class
ECL Customer portal
This is a portal site for ECL contractor.
If you would like to know regarding the detail, refer to ‘ECL-users-guide’.
ECL Console
image1_amari A console is used when you operate guest OS of ECL.
Global File Storage of ECL
※You have to refer to ECL-users-guide when you want to know more information.
ISO file Image file of CD I
Install media An install file you need to download from Acronis web-site. A
Agent(for Windows/for Linux) A component is used when you install to server for backup. A
A unit which is divided into each function in installation media.
e.g.)Storage node, Agent , Management server
Storage node A component which is designed for centralized management vaults to optimize backup storage. A
Navigation A screen which you can select menu in tree structure. It is on the left side of management console. A
Backup plan
This is a task for running the backup on the Acronis.
You can configure the scheme, schedule or other conditions.
If you would like to know regarding the detail, refer to the ‘fifth Chapter‘ on this document.
Server for Backup
A server which you want to backup.
You have to install component of ‘Agent’ before you use it.
Bootable media
An ISO file is used when you restore with CD Boot.
You have to install component of ‘Bootable media builder’ when you create bootable media.
My account site
(”My account”)
A web-site of Acronis is used when you download install media.
You have to register user account of Acronis before you download.
Remote Installation Remote installation is executed multiple server which you want to install from management server to each server. A
A configuration which is installed some components to server for backup only.
In contrast, there is a configuration is called Centralized management which can manage all servers for backup with management server.
Monitoring server A server which has the function of monitoring tools and monitors the system. I
Monitoring tools
Software which you need to install for system monitoring.
e.g.) Zabbix
Management console A screen which you create a backup plan or restore. image0 A
Management server A server which is needed to manage all servers for Centralized management backup. A
Centralized managed vaults A vault which manages backup archive in registered backup destination using storage node. A
Centralized management A configuration which can manage all servers for backup with management server. A