1.14.1. Management server option

You can receive the e-mail about the alert which occurs in a management server.
Explain about the procedure after login.
1.Boot the management console of Acronis and select ‘Connect to a management server’.
2.Select ‘Management server options’ from ‘Options’ tab.
3.Select ‘E-mail settings’.
4.Enter your information such as below number (1-4).
(1): Check in the checkbox of ‘Send e-mail notifications’.
(2): Enter e-mail address which you want to send.
If you divide multiple addresses by ‘; (semicolon)’, you can send to multiple receiver.
(3): Enter the information of SMTP (mail) server.
(4): When you push the button of ‘Send test e-mail message’, you can send the test e-mail.
5.Select ‘Alert notifications’.
6.Select when to notify and select the type of alerts.
When you select ‘Select the types of alerts...’, you can select the alerts such as below figure.
7.After completion, select ‘OK’ button.