1.12.3. Inquiry method to Acronis

You can see this Web form after you selected ‘E-MAIL NOW’ at 1 page before.
Fig.1: From ‘First Name’ to ‘Country’ is already entered from my account information.
Registered Serial Number at my account is displayed.
Fig.2: If you have some License keys, you need to select ‘Serial Number:’ from the list for a target license key of inquiry.
Fig.3: Select ‘Operating system / environment where the issue occurs:’ and ‘Severity:’ from the list.
Fig.4: Select ‘Specify your issue:’ from the list.
Fig.5: Enter ‘Please enter the title of your request: ‘ and ‘Please type a detailed description of your observation:’
Provide as far as you know the detailed description of the environment such as below.
1. OS (name, service pack, architecture, kernel (for Linux OS))
2. Virtualization platform name, version and build (if applicable)
3. Network infrastructure (domain/workstation, network architecture)
4. Users participating in the test case, their membership and permissions
5. Software which might affect the behavior of Acronis
6. Hardware details such as PCI IDs of hardware parts, exact models of removable devices and so on.
7. Date and time of failure; is this a first time
8. Actions preceding the failure (e.g. first installation, upgrade, new back plan; any other hardware, software or configuration changes)
9. If you have the attach file, you need to write the type of file such as notification mail, screen, system file, log and so on.
Fig.6: Enter your Error Code if you have.
Fig.7: If you have any screen captures or logs, you can attach to resolve the issue faster at ‘Attachment:’
The information which we described at
12.2 How to get the information of trouble‘ needs to be attached in this topic.
Fig.8: Finally, pushes ‘SUBMIT SUPPORT TICKET’ and sends E-mail to Acronis.