1.12.1. Checkpoint & Measure

If you feel something does not work normally, check the contents at the below table up. When you find the similar thing, please try to handle it.
1.This table is representative example
Issues Checkpoint & Measure
‘Disk is full’ is displayed.
Disk capacity of backup destination may not be enough.
Confirm it and if disk capacity is not enough, you need to secure enough space.
‘The network path was not found’ us displayed.
You need to operate such as retry or cancellation.
The network may be broken.
Check ping connection and Firewall between the server for backup and backup destination.
When you could improve the network, please retry the backup.
‘Task is canceled’ is displayed.
The service of Acronis may be stopped.
Check the service of Acronis at each server for backup and if it stops, you need to restart.
  • In the case of Operating system of Windows
    • Acronis Managed Machine Service
    • Acronis Remote Agent Service
    • Acronis Scheduler2 Service
  • In the case of Operating system of Linux
    • /usr/lib/Acronis/Agent/acronisagent
    • /usr/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/mms
    • /usr/lib/Acronis/ARSM/arsm

2.How to check the service of operating system.
When the service of your server stops, you can start its service as follows.
- Case of Windows server
Select ‘Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Services’
If the service is stopping, ‘Start the service’ is displayed.
- Case of Linux
Select Panel of ‘System’
→ ‘Administration’
→ ‘Services
Then you can see below screen
If the service is stopping, Click ‘Start’ button.