1.10.1. Backup option

You can configure in order to notify regarding the alert which occurs in the backup plan under execution. You need to select the setting server by your configuration from below.
  • If you configured Acronis with Centralized management style, you need to configure at the management server.
  • If you configured Acronis with Local style, you need to configure at the server for backup.
We explain about the procedure after login each server.
1.You need to boot the management console.
  • In the case of Centralized management style, click ‘Connect to a management server’.
  • In the case of Local style, click ‘Manage this machine’.
After this process, both style is same procedure.
2.Select ‘Backup plans and tasks’ on the left navigation tree. After this, select ‘Backup plans’ in ‘New’ tab.
If you have already created the backup plan and you would like to set up SMTP (mail), you need to activate its backup plan and click ‘Edit’ button in the tab.
If you would like to know regarding the detail, refer to the ‘fifth Chapter‘ on this document.
3.Click ‘Backup options...’.
4.Select ‘E-mail notifications’.
5.Enter your information such as below number (1-4).
(1): Check in the checkbox of ‘Send e-mail notifications’.
We recommend that all of checkbox are active.
(2): Enter e-mail address which you want to send.
If you divide multiple addresses by ‘; (semicolon)’, you can send to multiple receiver.
(3): Enter the information of SMTP (mail) server.
(4): When you push the button of ‘Send test e-mail message’, you can send the test e-mail.
6.After completion, select ‘OK’ button.
7.Click ‘Save’ button to save the backup plan.