1.5.1. Checking the migration information

 After confirming the information handed over to the management server after upgrading, please continue using Acronis.
 *For details about the operation method and functions of Acronis version 12.5, refer to various documents provided by Acronis Corporation, the distributor of the product. Checking the management target

The target server is already registered in “DEVICES” - “All machines”. Confirming the backup plan

Backup plans are already registered in “PLANS” - “Backup”.
  • Depending on the setting value of the plan, the value may be changed before and after upgrading, or the plan itself may be migrated in the “invalid” state. Please check the correct contents after migration and activate as necessary. Checking the location (storage area)

Storage area of the backup destination is registered in “Backup”.
*For Acronis version 12.5, the storage area is referred to as “Locations”.

  • Example of the location for sharing CIFS
  • Example of location of storage node