1.4.6. Procedures for upgrading (Linux agent) Procedures for upgrading (Linux agent)

 Please check the Acronis 12.5 license key, download Acronis 12.5 installer from the customer site of Acronis (My Account) and place the installer at an arbitrary location of the server to be upgraded before conducting these procedures.
 *The installer is approximately 1.1 GB. Please pay attention to the free space of the server.
 *For the Linux agent, upgrade from the management server is not possible.

Place the installer of Acronis12.5 in the target server and grant the execution right.

Run the installer of Acronis 12.5.

Select “Next” on the Welcome screen.

Remove the check mark of “Acronis Backup Management Server” on the Component Selection screen and then select “Next”.
*This edition describes procedures for upgrading so that continue the process without changing the default setting. Select Monitoring Service as necessary. Installation can be done after upgrading.

Select “Next” on the “Acronis Backup” screen.
*For where the name cannot be resolved for the management server, change the host name in the “Management server (IP/name)” field to the IP address of the management server.
*In this case, “Register anonymously” is selected as default. Account designation, which is a new function from 12.5, is used for management of each department. Refer to the following for details.

Wait until upgrading completes.

Select “EXIT” on the Installation Completed screen.

Connect to the Web console of the management server.

Select the target server from “DEVICES” - “All machines” and then click “OVERVIEW”.
Confirm that “ONLINE” is displayed and the agent is upgraded. Uninstallation of the management console of the previous version

The management console of the previous version remains after upgrading to Acronis version 12.5 so that the management console of the previous version needs to be uninstalled.
The same procedures are applied to both Ver11.5 and Ver11.7.

Move to the folder where the uninstaller of the management console of the previous version.

Run the uninstaller of the management console of the previous version.

Click “Run” on the Uninstallation screen.

When uninstallation runs, click “OK” on the Message screen.

Confirm that the Acronis icon of the previous version is deleted.

Procedures for upgrading Linux agent are finished.