1.4.3. Procedures for upgrading (Storage node) Procedures for upgrading (Storage node)

 Please check the Acronis 12.5 license key, download Acronis 12.5 installer from the customer site of Acronis (My Account) and place the installer at an arbitrary location of the server to be upgraded before conducting these procedures.
 *The installer is approximately 1.43 GB. Please pay attention to the free space of the server.

Place the installer of Acronis12.5 in the target server and run the installer.

If “Security Warning” appears, click “Run”.

Click “Upgrade” if the previous version is detected.

Select “Upgrade Acronis Backup” and then click “Upgrade”.

Wait until upgrading completes.

Click “CLOSE” on The installation was successful screen to complete upgrading.

Check the storage node information on the Web console of the management server.
Select the target server in “SETTINGS” - “Storage Node” and then click “OVERVIEW”. Confirm that the status is ONLINE.

Confirm that central management storage area is displayed with “Backup”. (Click “SIGN IN” when account information is requested.)

Confirm that archive that was backed up in the previous version is displayed.

Procedures for upgrading the storage node are completed.
Proceed to upgrade the agent.