1.4.1. Purpose

 This edition is applied to customers who use Acronis version 11.5 or 11.7 in a centralized management configuration (configuration in which management servers and storage nodes are installed and multiple servers are backed up).
 When upgrading the centralized configuration, the in-place method (the method in which the existing management server is upgraded) and the side-by-side method (the method in which the new server with version 12.5 installed is prepared and definition information is migrated) are available.
 This edition only describes the in-place method as of January 11, 2018. The side-by-side method will be described later.

 We recommend obtaining the backup of each server before upgrading.

In the case of the centralized management style, upgrading to Acronis 12.5 needs to be done according to the following order.
 1.Upgrade of the management server
 2.Upgrade of the storage node
 3.Upgrade of the agent (remote installation or local installation)

In this edition, each procedure is described by taking the environment operated with the following centralized management configuration as an example.


*System requirements are the same for versions 11.5 and 11.7.