3.2. How to cancel

You can cancel for Acronis license from our option portal site in ECL.
We explain about a procedure of after login.
1.Select Other Services from ‘ACTIONS’ tab.
2.Select ‘Backup License (Acronis)’.
3.Main menu is displayed and select ‘CANCEL’ button.
# Below date is expressing under maintenance. You cannot select button falling under maintenace.
Date : 1st (The first of the month) 0:00~9:00 (JST)
4.Select ‘Next’ button after you checked in the checkbox you want to cancel.
# This screen is displayed the information which status is ‘Using’ only. You cannot see canceled license in the past.
# When you want to confirm your license key which you installed a server, refer to 3.1 How to confirm a license key
5.Select ‘Submit’ button after confirmation of selection.
6.Select ‘Go to Main Menu’.
# We shall send you a notification which you have finished to your Email address.
Then you can confirm some information about Acronis.
7.After you move to Main Menu, select ‘Confirmation’ button.
8.You can confirm your contracted information about Acronis license. License key is included in this page and you can check your canceled license of status.
# You cannot use canceled license key from next month when you cancel.
# You have to uninstall software of Acronis by yourself.