2.1. How to apply for Acronis License

You can apply for new license of Acronis from ECL option portal.
We explain about procedure of after login to ECL as follows.
1.Select Option Services from ‘ACTIONS’ tab.
2.Select ‘Backup License (Acronis)’.
3.Main menu is displayed and select ‘NEW/ADDTIONAL’ button.
Below date is expressing under maintenance. You cannot select button falling under maintenace.
Date : 1st (The first of the month) 0:00~9:00 (JST)
4.’Notes’ is displayed and confirm it.
If it is acceptable for you, please check in ‘Accept’ checkbox. After that, select ‘Next’ button.
5.Fill in product information which you want and select ‘Next’ button.
#1 Enter your E-mail address which you can receive.
This E-mail address is used for notification of application or cancellation.
Please pay attention to enter your E-mail address.
If you enter different E-mail address, you can not receive our notification.
#2 Select a Product which you will install it on your guestOS.
#3 Select a language which you want to use.
#4 Select your DataCenter which you will use from list. List is displayed your contracted DataCenter only in ECL.
#5 Enter quantity which you want. (Total quantity must be not more than 10 at single purchase.)
#6 You can add or delete a line as you click a ‘+’ button or a ‘-‘ button on the left side.
6.Select ‘Submit’ button after confirmation of selection.
7.Select ‘Go to Main Menu’.
# We shall send you a notification which we inform that you have finished application to your Email address which you entered when you are ‘Product Selection’ screen (procedure 5.).
Then you can confirm some information about Acronis.
If you cannot receive our notification or you want to change registered E-mail address, please inform us what you want to do using below address.
8.After you move to Main Menu, select ‘Confirmation’ button.
9.You can confirm your contracted information about Acronis license.
License key is included in this page and you can use whenever you need until you cancel.
# You can use the day you applied.
# When you cancel a license key, you can do it from ‘CANCEL’ button of Main Menu.
You can refer to procedure of next topic ‘3.How to cancel Acronis license‘.
# Although new version license (v15)is displayed with older version license (v12.5), you could not use these 2 version licenses at the same time.