5.3. Restrictions

5.3.1. Service Support

All technical inquiries for single http message contents (request line for request message, status code of method, header, status code, and message body) on API are supported.
Any inquiries on designing support related to development of API Client Software or trouble analysis cannot be supported.
Any inquiries regarding workflow that overlaps several APIs used for specific objectives such as consecutive API control or periodical batch test are not supported.
Any general inquiries regarding API tool or Library are not supported.
According to the content of the inquiry, our response time might change.

5.3.2. General API Restrictions

Not all API functions of vCloud Director are applicable. There are partially restricted API and parameters.
When using billable service with API(such as creating vApp/VM with OS License), there is a possibility that Customer might get billed. Please pay full attention when developing Application program and make sure not to conduct any kind of action that leads to unintended charge.