5.2. Features

Available API features are below:
Function Contents
vCloud Native API Customer can use API for vApp/VM and vApp template
Enterprise Cloud Unique Extension API Customer can use API for managing Compute Resource Pool
API User Management API user management function is provided
API Endpoint The Endpoint which customer can connect for API is provided in each Data Center

To use API, customer need to create “API User” by Customer Portal.
API Endpoint can be found on Web site below and Customer Portal.

5.2.1. vCloud Native API

We expose not all of native vCloud APIs based on version 5.5 to a customer as Enterprise Cloud. Some APIs can be used, but the others can NOT be used. API Objects Managed by NTT

As for a vApp template and vApp, there is a concept of “Managed by NTT”. NTT Managed API objects should not be accessed by a customer. So, some APIs cannot be used for API objects managed by NTT.

5.2.2. Supported API List

Please refer to “Supported API List” on Service Functional Description for API.