3.1. A sample calculation of pay per use with monthly cap methodΒΆ

Customer will be billed for their usage per minute basis until the usage charges reach their monthly cap. This Cap is currently set at approximately twenty (20) calendar days.
The time zone used for the billing purposes is UTC Western Calendar.
Please note that usage charges apply to contracted resources regardless of the individual Virtual Machine state (up/down)

If CPU resources used remained constant for and Customer as shown below the Customer would pay the monthly cap price.
If CPU resources used were changed during a billing period

  • If the sum of usage charges for state1, 2, and 3 exceeds the usage charges for state 2. The monthly cap for the billing period is set to the monthly cap for state 2
  • If the sum of usage charges for state1. 2. and 3 does not exceed the usage charges for state 2, the sum of per minute usage for state1, 2, and 3 are used for billing

To complement the above diagrams, please find below details on the formula that is used:
Key: Definition:
Cap_i Monthly Cap
Period_i Amount of Time used per service
Usage_i Calculation of amount per service

Monthly_usage = min(max(cap_i), sum(min(cap_i, period_i*usage_i)))