2.4. Security and ComplianceΒΆ

Enterprise Cloud platform is located in some of NTT Com Group top tier Data Center facilities. All areas in each Data Center are fully monitored 24x7x365 by Closed Circuit cameras and onsite guards.
Security is assured within the virtualized environment by logically partitioning servers so that each “Customer” is fully isolated from other Customer.
Customer is also able to use NAT and VIP functions from within Customer Portal allowing full control into each Server Segment.
For additional security, dedicated firewalls are also available by connecting them to Enterprise Cloud using our Service Interconnectivity (*device and service may differ depending on location)
Customer can connect securely to Enterprise Cloud from NTT Com Group IP-VPN (Arcstar Universal One) through VPN Connectivity.
Customer can manage Enterprise Cloud via the Customer Portal by accessing a Secure HTTPS connection and will be provided with a unique Username/Password for each administrator.
Diagram 01: Enterprise Cloud logical network diagram example

Specifications of Data Center:
  • Full-scale preparations for power outage and fire disaster.
  • Green Data Center equipped with efficient cooling facilities.
  • Security system installing the latest authentication methods.
  • 24/7 operation and maintenance system.
  • System redundancy in power supply, air conditioning and network.
  • Stable network achieved by using backbones and access lines from multiple carriers
  • Quality is certified by Enterprise Cloud Data Center standards.