2.1. Service OfferingΒΆ

Each Customer has access to a Virtual Private Data Center containing one or more Virtual Rooms supporting the Compute Resource Pools (CPU, Memory and Storage), vFirewall, vLoad Balancer, Server Segments and other components. Every Virtual Machine created by Customer is dedicated to Customer on a shared Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure (bandwidth, connection to the Hosting Platform via the Internet and/or VPN, network and security equipment, server maintenance, premises, racks, Storage, etc.).
The initial Enterprise Cloud configuration will be set up for Customer using standard or optional components, as selected by Customer on the Order. Customer will identify on the Order:
  • the components selected: elements of Virtual Private Data Center, elements in Virtual Room, Compute Resource Pools resources, network connections; and
  • the initial configuration of Enterprise Cloud: standard and optional components to be included, and the options which Customer wishes to subscribe to.
Customer can modify the initial configuration of Enterprise Cloud via the Customer Portal for elements that can be automatically modified by Customer and via a written Order Form for elements that can only be modified by NTT Com Group.
The physical server(s) used by NTT Com Group for Enterprise Cloud will remain the exclusive property of NTT Com Group. All hosted data and applications provided by Customer will remain the property of Customer.
Enterprise Cloud offering is based on a number of components listed below:
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