2.10. Management PlatformΒΆ

NTT Com Group provides comprehensive, on-going management of the entire Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure as part of Enterprise Cloud. This includes responsibility for maintaining the underlying operating systems, virtualization software, network, and Storage devices in addition to Customer Portal.
NTT Com Group’s management processes address the key elements of implementation, change control, monitoring, patching, and lifecycle management so that cloud availability and performance can be maintained.
In order to manage Customer Virtual Machines, NTT Com Group has created a central management platform which consists of redundant VMware Virtual Centre servers.
Enterprise Cloud provided includes:
  • 24/7 Hypervisor and hardware monitoring and incident management
  • Applying and managing Hypervisor updates
  • Hypervisor patch management
  • Managing VMware licensing
  • Managing high availability features
  • Hypervisor troubleshooting
Access to VMware’s Virtual Center tool is restricted to technical staff of NTT Com Group only. An overview of the actions that Customer can perform in Customer Portal is given in t Customer Portal section of this document.
Please note that guest Virtual Machines are not backed up as standard.