8.5. Limitations to Maintenance OperationsΒΆ

Support for Failures
When handling failures, we may have no choice but to restore your system to the state it was in when you started using the Enterprise Cloud.
Ping Monitoring
  • You cannot instruct us to stop ping monitoring on your Virtual Machine.
  • Monitoring cannot be performed when the primary vNIC is connected to a Server Segment that is not connected to vFirewall.
  • When adding a Server Segment, you can perform ping monitoring for each device connected to this Server Segment by connecting this Server Segment to vFirewall.
  • Changing the settings on your Guest OS may cause pings to fail if response packets from the primary vNIC are lost. This may be interpreted as a ping error.
Definition of Weekdays/Business Days
Weekdays/business days are based on Japan Standard Time (JST). They are Monday to Friday, except for national holidays stipulated under the laws of Japan, and the New Year period as stipulated by NTT Communications (December 29 to January 3).