8.4. Maintenance InformationΒΆ

In the Enterprise Cloud, we perform the maintenance necessary for continuous use of your system, as required. The primary maintenance is described below.
  • Taking countermeasures against security vulnerability
  • Maintenance work and improvements on server and network devices
Advance Notice
If there are plans to perform maintenance, the Technical Help Desk will typically post maintenance information on the Customer Portal two weeks in advance (unless the work is urgent).


  • The maintenance information may include a request to borrow your system.
  • If a partial failure occurs that does not affect your use of the system, we may perform maintenance work without sending you a notification.
  • The switching behavior for devices in a redundant configuration at the time of a failure of active device or the interface for the active device is an automatic switch to a standby device. However, you may need to manually switch from the standby device back to the active device when the active device recovers.