8.2. Customer Support

8.2.1. Support Center/Technical Help Desk

If you think there has been a failure or you do not understand how to configure the system, contact the following center that is appropriate for your situation.
Inquiries regarding a failure Support Center
Technical inquiries Technical Help Desk


  • Please refer to the commencement information for contact details.
  • To use the Support Center or Technical Help Desk, you will need your “customer number” that is provided when you start the service.
  • The scope of support is limited to inquiries relating to the contracted service.
Ticket function
Ticket can be send by Customer Portal. The priority of the tickets will be judged according to its content. Due to this, the response to the tickets may not be in order when there are several tickets opened.
Incident Management
The following matters are treated as “incidents.” All “incidents” are managed using a ticket system and are assigned a “ticket number” in the Customer Portal.
  • Inquiries and requests notified to the Support Center or Technical Help Desk
  • If the matter is outside of the threshold of monitored items stipulated for each service. The failure will be handled promptly as required.

8.2.2. Maintenance and Operations System

An overall diagram of maintenance and operations at NTT Communications is shown below.