3.9. Backup License (Acronis)

The backup license (Acronis) available on Enterprise Cloud is provided.

3.9.1. Available Features

This service provides the following backup licenses (Acronis).
Applicable Server Name of Product Version*
Windows Server Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows Server 11.5/11.7
Linux Server Acronis Backup Advanced for Linux Server 11.5/11.7
Windows Server Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows Server 12.5
Linux Server Acronis Backup Advanced for Linux Server 12.5
* The applicable versions here are those as of January 12, 2018. Version 11 will stop sales on May 31, 2018 and support on May 31, 2019.

3.9.2. Important Points

The number of the backup license keys provided is based on the application form. The date to start using the service is the date shown in the commencement information. Note that this is not the date of installation.
In addition, the customer needs to agree on “Acronis Software License Contract” provided by Acronis to use the license.
For those who use the backup license, the following services are provided. Specific services are provided by Acronis Japan, the distributor of the products.
  • Acronis customer support available
  • Newest-version installation media provided
  • Manual download and FAQ examples available
  • Free-of-charge upgrade
Inquiry about Products
For how to use products, requests for troubleshooting, and so forth, directly contact Acronis Customer Support. The support over telephone or Email is available. For details, refer to startining guidance.
About the Ending of a Service
To end using the service, the customer makes an application. The service ends on the day shown in the notice of discontinuation.

3.9.3. Restriction

About the Customer's Information
To provide this license, the names involved in contracts are shared with Acronis Japan. To receive the update information on the backup license (Acronis) and other information about support, the customer needs to receive the notice of a service start and to use the Acronis Customer Support shown in the notice of a service start to register the customer’s information.
About the Usage of the License
The following types of use are prohibited.
  • To use this license for a virtual server other than the ones for Enterprise Cloud
  • To continue to use the license after the day of the end of the service
If version 11 is in use, a new key for version 12 will be issued without additional cost. You can not use version 11 and 12 at the same time in one licence contract.