2.2. Security Web Portal

When you use Enterprise Cloud, you are provided with one administrator ID for the Security Web Portal, which can be used to check the status of attack traffic and unauthorized access attempts to a protected Server Segment.
The top pages of the Security Web Portal are shown below.
Data Centers outside Japan version (WideAngle MSS Customer Portal)
Japan DC version

2.2.1. Available Features

Features in Data Centers outside Japan
You can use the following features in the Security Web Portal.
Feature Overview
Service status Displays devices status.
Bulletin Board Displays maintenance notifications.
Open Tickets Displays request tickets.
Health & Availability Displays Health & Availability Incident tickets.
Service Displays service status, devices, open requests, Health & Availability Incident tickets and open requests.
Requests Displays request tickets and creates a new request.
Reports Displays Device Management, Service Management and Security Management reports.
Device Information Displays device and service information of the selected device. Displays request tickets and creates a new request.
Log Viewer Allows users to view devices and logs. Also allows searching and downloading of logs.
Documents Allows users to download user documents.

Features in Japan DC
Feature Menu Overview
ACC (Application Command Center) IPS/IDS, Anti-Virus (E-mail, Web), Filtering (App, NW), Profiling (App, NW) Displays the communication types and the status of use (e.g. bandwidth and sessions)
Monitor Displays various kinds of logs and allows the user to download them.
Policies Displays configured security policies.
Objects Displays configured Address objects (host and network), Address object group. Displays application list, Antivirus profile list, anti-spyware profile list, vulnerability profile list, URL filteringprofile list, configurable security policy.
Configuration Status WAF Displays status of Web service registered as the target and Web server used by the Web service.
Report Generation and Display Displays device status, allows user to generate and display various kinds of chartsbased on statistical information accumulatedin the device. Displays the unauthorized access list.
Information of Signatures instaging Displays the staging statusandthe list of signatures in staging.
Report Download Allows users to download reports.
Settings UTM/Web Security (WAF) It’s possible to change the setting of security function.
Incident Reports Displays Incident Reports.
Security Log It’s possible to search for security log and displayit.(For the last 3 months)
System Status Displays resource Status.(CPU,Memory,bandwidth)
Documents Allows users to download public documents.
Contact It’s possible to inquire question about security event log or operationmethod in Portal.

VM Security

(VM Anti-Virus, VM Virtual Patch, VM Firewall)

Displays Security Policies. Displays configuration information.
Event Alert Displays the events which VM security detected and allows the user to delete alerts.
Event Information Displays the detailedinformation of events.
Report Generation and Download Allows users to generate and download various kinds of report based on required period or host.
File Download Allows users to download documents and installers.
Report Download RTMD (Email, Web) Allows users to download reports.


  • Access to the Security Web Portal requires authentication using one-time password.

2.2.2. Important Points

  • The Security Web Portal is accessed through a web browser using the Internet. Please prepare an environment in which you have Internet access.
  • You cannot use the Security Web Portal (Japan DC version) to check information, such as maintenance and errors, for a period during which operations were being run on standby equipment.
  • NTT Communications is not responsible for unauthorized use of the Security Web Portal resulting from the loss or leaking of password information issued to the customer.
  • This system is different from the Enterprise Cloud Customer Portal.
  • Security Web Portal (Japan DC version) will be integrated into that of Data Centers outside Japan: WideAngle MSS Customer Portal.