1.7. RestrictionsΒΆ

  • Customers cannot enter the hosting room in which the servers and other equipment provided by Enterprise Cloud are housed. All system construction work that you perform should be performed remotely.
  • The common conditions for providing Enterprise Cloud, and service specifications and the conditions for providing each service may change without notice.
  • When a contract or service is removed or canceled, or when you delete a service from the Customer Portal, the data will be erased according to the method specified by NTT Communications. A data erasure certificate is not issued.
  • When you use Enterprise Cloud, you must comply with the laws of foreign countries and international trade and other Japanese import and export regulations, along with all applicable laws and regulations related to importing, reimporting, exporting, and reporting to and from other countries and regions. In other words, you are solely responsible for compliance with laws and regulations related to all actions that are taken when using Enterprise Cloud, such as transferring, processing, and providing content.
  • You may not use Enterprise Cloud for the development, production, or use of conventional weapons or weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons, as stipulated in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and other Japanese laws relating to exporting.