1.2. Features that make up Enterprise CloudΒΆ

The available menus can be grouped into the following two main categories.
Menu Overview
Global Standard Menu
This is a standard menu that is available for all Data Centers in the Enterprise Cloud.
* For information on availability at each Data Center, refer to “1.3.2 Available Data Centers”.
Local Option Menu
Options menus provided by each individual Data Center. Connects through the Service Interconnect Gateway.
* For details regarding the local option menus, refer to the separate documentation.

The configuration of the Enterprise Cloud is shown below.
To use each feature included in the service, you need to apply for the services shown in the table below.
Component Overview Name of Service for Which You Need to Apply
Internet GW Gateway for connecting to the Internet Internet Connectivity (Global IP Address)
Internet Transit

Connects the Internet GW and the vFirewall

  • A Global IP Address is provided.
VPN Gateway Gateway for connecting to a VPN VPN Connectivity
VPN Transit Connects the VPN Gateway and the vFirewall
Firewall A feature that provides a firewall between the Internet Transit, the VPN Transit, and the Server Segment. vFirewall/Integrated Network Appliance
Load Balancer A virtual dedicated load balancer on the Server Segment vLoad Balancer/Integrated Network Appliance
Server Segment

An L2 segment feature for connecting the following devices

  • Virtual Machine
  • vFirewall
  • vLoad Balancer
  • Service Interconnect Gateway
Server Segment
Virtual Machine

Virtual dedicated server

  • Resources are assigned and created from a Compute Resource Pool.

Compute Resource

Compute Resource (Dedicated Device)

Compute Resource Pool Resources for creating a Virtual Machine (CPU/Memory/Disk)

A Virtual Machine image, created by taking a copy of the server

  • You can create a Virtual Machine using a template.
Public Catalog An area for storing registered templates that can be used by anyone
Private Catalog An area for storing templates that are exclusively for you Private Catalog
Service Interconnect Gateway A gateway for connecting Server Segments and other services provided by NTT Communications Service Interconnectivity
Global File Storage (Global Data Backup)

A feature for backing up the desired data to a remote (Japan or overseas) Data Center

  • Provided through the Service Interconnect Gateway.

Global File Storage

(Global Data Backup)

On-Premises GW A gateway that provides an L2 connection to Server Segments in your own operating system environment (called the “On-Premises Environment” below) within your own operating system environment. On-Premises Interconnectivity
Colocation Interconnectivity Provides a secure L2 connection between the Server segment and Customer Colocation Colocation Interconnectivity
Other Service Environment

Unique services offered by each Data Center

  • They can be used in conjunction with Enterprise Cloud.
Local Option Menu