Extension Support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Overview of Menu

  • Support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (hereinafter referred to as “RHEL”) that is being provided with Enterprise Cloud1.0 (hereinafter referred to as “ECL1.0”) was expired as below.
    RHEL5: 2017/3/31
    RHEL6: 2020/11/30
  • Extended Life cycle Support period can be extended by using Support (hereinafter referred to as “ELS”) separately. See the Web page of Red Hat for details


In the case of RHEL5, the extended support period was end on November 30, 2020. After that, even if you apply for ELS, Red Hat will not provide support and new correction patches, etc.
If you continue to use RHEL5, you will be charged the ELS fee in addition to the RHEL OS fee according to the Red Hat license agreement even after December 1, 2020, when you cannot receive any support.
Due to above reason, we recommend upgrading from RHEL 5 to the supportd RHEL OS version.

Features of Menu

  • If major version upgrade of support cannot be done, it is possible to receive the support on the ECL while the existing configuration of RHEL5/RHEL6 is maintained.
  • It is possible to use the license with monthly fee.

Available Services

  • ELS can be applied with the OS license RHEL5/RHEL6 that is provided by us and used in the following services.

Compute Resource

Compute Resource (Dedicated Device)


  • Corrections of security that impact level is “serious” and bug that impact level is “emergent” are provided.

  • Support target is limited to the existing server where RHEL5/RHEL6 is installed. However, support is applied when creating the virtual server from the private catalog. See “Restrictions” for details.

  • After application of ELS, functions provided to OS do not change from those that are currently provided with the RHEL template. See the following for details of functions.



  • Supported contents in this menu comply with the standard operation quality stipulated in ECL1.0. Refer to the following for details.
  • Support target is limited to existing systems where RHEL has already been installed.


  • SLA is not applied in this menu.


  • Monitoring and operation are not performed in this menu.

Available Data Centers

  • Provision of this menu conforms to Data Centers provided by RHEL. See Here.


Initial Cost

  • Free

Monthly Cost

  • Fixed monthly fee according to the charging style (number of vCPUs). ELS cost is charged in addition to the unit price of RHEL. Please contact us.
    If vCPU is changed within the current month. the monthly fee for using the maximum number of vCPUs is applied.
  • Fee is charged to all virtual servers when RHEL5/RHEL6 that is a billing target.

Terms of Use

Minimum Usage Period

  • Minimum Usage Period is not set for this menu.

Application and Abolition

  • Consult our sales representative.
  • ELS of the corresponding virtual server is abolished along with the OS license when the virtual server is deleted.

Items that Need to be Prepared in Advance

  • It is necessary to access to the repository server (RHUI) provided by us.
  • To access to RHUI via Internet, Internet connection menu is required separately.
  • To change settings of RHUI, customer needs to change settings while referring to “Procedure for Changing Certificate”. Procedure manual will be distributed separately.


  • Extension support is not available for OS that is brought in by customer.
  • The contract is concluded in units of service (billing unit), ELS is applied to all RHEL5/RHEL6 servers in use. ELS cannot applied in units of server.
  • If the virtual sever of RHEL5/RHEL6 that is being operated while the virtual server template of RHEL5/RHEL6 is stored in Private Catalog, it is necessary to apply for ELS even if the virtual server will be created for using ESL even if no RHEL virtual server is currently available. If ELS is being used and a new virtual server is created from Private Catalog, ELS will be automatically applied from the month in which the virtual server is created. It is necessary to set OS based on “Procedure for Changing Certificate” when creating a virtual server. However, items that are stored in the template again after switching the setting, setting work at the time of creation of the virtual server is not required.

(Reference) If ELS is not applied when using RHEL5

  • New correction patches are not provided by Red Hat.

  • Billing of software usage fee continues.

  • Monitoring setting is disabled for all items monitored by OS that are agreed with customer and these items are put in non-monitoring state. If you are using the physical server, maintenance is performed only for hardware failure alert detected by us. Failure of OS caused by hardware error is not supported (including reinstallation of OS).
  • Contents of support will be changed when using the following relevant services.

    • If using OS Management:
      Login to OS and operation check are not supported. Only restarting the physical server and virtual server is available.
    • If using Managed Option:
      Managed Option is available after support expires. However, events that required support from Red Hat are not supported.