Manage ECL 2.0 resources like tenants, VMs and networks.

Service Descriptions

Service menu and specifications of each Enterprise Cloud service.

API References

API details of each service to manage instances ( For developers ).

Solution Guides

Various examples of using Enterprise Cloud.

Quick Start Guide

Examples of how to design and build system on Enterprise Cloud 2.0.


Refer to below for definition of Service Provider.
Service ProviderOrganization who provide Enterprise Cloud and Solution Insight to Client. When client contracts with NTT Communications, Service Provider refers NTT Communications. When client contracts with any NTT Ltd. Group Companies., Service Provider refers NTT Ltd. Group Companies.
NTT Ltd. Group Companies.Generic name including following organizations: NTT Ltd. and its subsidiaries.
NTT Communications/NTT ComNTT Communications is the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions.