1.1. Get Started


Remote Console Access API allows you to controll VPN connection. Here you can see how to use the API to for some basic usecases.

Connect to Baremetal Server

In this section, you can know to how to connect Baremetal Server through VPN.


At first you call the Authentication API and get token and endpoint for Remote Console Access API and Baremetal Server API. Please refer to the common_info is how to get token by Authentication API. In addition, please refer to the Baremetal Server API manual.

Create VPN user

You can create VPN user that can connect to Baremetal Server. VPN user can be crated only one per one tenant. The name of the VPN user is used tenant_id. The password can be specified. If you do not specify a password, a random password is generated.

  1. Sample Request to create new VPN user (specify a password) The following is a sample requests If youSpecify a 'dummy_passw@rd‘ in the password.
$ curl -s -X POST {api_endpoint}/v1.0/{tenant_id}/users \
          -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
          -H "X-Auth-Token: {token}" \
          -d '{"user": {"password": "dummy_passw@rd"}}'
  1. Sample Response body After a successful request, you will receive a response of ‘200 OK’. In this case, response body is follows. The password is included only in the response of when you create a new user. Therefore, please keep this response.
{"user": {"name": "{tenant_id}", "password": "dummy_passw@rd", "vpn_endpoints": [{"endpoint": "{vpn_endpoint}", "type": "SSL-VPN"}]}}

Create Server

If you not yet created server, you need create Baremetal Server. Refer to Baremetal Server API manual. When you created Baremetal Server, Remote Console Access SDP automatically create VPN policy that allows access to your Baremetal Server.

Connect to VPN

You can connect VPN as user you created in Create VPN user.

In SSL-VPN case

  1. Access to endpoint.
  2. Login by username and password
  3. Download and execute VPN client software

Get console URL of Baremetal Server

To access your Baremetal Server, you need to get console URL. Refer to Baremetal Server API manual.

Access to Baremetal Server console

You can access to Baremetal Server console through VPN connection. So, access to console URL by browser.